Friday, October 9, 2015

Day 4 - Mentor's Day @ SOLE

October 8, 2015 - Ulf @SOLE!

It's our fourth  day at SOLE and we all had a lot to think about owing to the brainstorming session last evening. I guess it has gotten everyone's minds running overtime about the things which SOLE has the power to do :)
Today, we also had additional support - our mentor Ulf Brackmann decided to spend the entire day with us at SOLE (because he felt this project is really cool B) . Ulf is from Germany and was a part of the Fundacion Capitol project last year at Colombia Social Sabbatical - 2014. He passionately advocates the SAP CSR Strategy and represented the SAP CSR team this time in Bogota.

When we started reviewing the Business Canvas today with him - he helped us to stress on a few important points. Like what is really the USP of SOLE? Maybe not just the ones specified in the Business Canvas.

 Rene has really tried to get the special tool to reflect the data - he's grumbling about the crashes, slow performance and Fati has this smug look - "Ha Ha, I told u so"

We also needed to review the Financial Structure of the organization with Sanjay and were already running late. So the best idea were to grab the delicious sandwiches from La Despensa del  Barrio and have a working lunch. 
Rene was so hungry, that he felt like trying the food he got for Arrack.

Poor Ulf - missed his Soccer Match and Cerveza to sit with us and eat the sandwich :)

Sanjay met us again since he had thought more on the topic of Where did he want to see SOLE in next 12 months?  The concept boiled down to sustainability and community growth.

 Need some viral marketing and growth hacking campaigns for this social enterprise to achieve its goals <thinking thinking>

Didi Fati checked us all into the airlines and gave us our boarding passes :D

Rene and others dined at La Bifferia while Fati and Divi wanted a quiet night out.
Divi has somehow not been her insomniac self lately and sleeps too much :P

Day 4 ends - No Pressure

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