Monday, October 5, 2015

Day 1 - Team SOLE


Hello Everyone!

Forgive the slight delay in posting this. Still trying to figure this blog thing out :-)

Fatimah here, yesterday was our the official 1st day of our assignment and we've definitely gotten off to a great start! We had orientation most of the day and took a lunch break and did a quick walk around the neighborhood to know the area.

Lunch was at a restaurant called Crepes & Waffles ( This is a restaurant known for hiring only single women and "women in need" (AKA female head of households). Talk about women empowerment!

And of course an intro to the neighborhood and some very important facilities to know in the area. Pharmacy - check! Laundry - check! Supermarket - check! Gym - check! As we got back to the hotel, there were two guys from Starbucks giving us free coffee! Who says no to free Colombia Coffee? Even I had a couple of sips and I am not even a coffee person..

More posts to follow... now that I am getting a hang of this be sure to check back for more updates..

Hasta Pronto!

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