Monday, October 26, 2015

Day 13 - Coffee Plantation Tour

Saturday, October 17th

The day started at midnight for four of our Orchids. I am not allowed to tell any names but they went to BBC (Bogotá Beer Company) to have some hot chocolate. BBC is famous for their hot chocolate towers (3 liters).  Afterwards the group moved to a nice restaurant which is close to our hotel. There was a really good DJane who made some chilly music. Here the last four orchids had some hot tea shots and they finalized the day with a design thinking session about next steps in their projects. Maybe the night was a bit different but I can’t remember anymore J

Saturday started at 7:45 am. We all met in the lobby to drive together to visit a coffee plantation ( Actually we planned to be in the lobby at 7:30 am but we already got used to Colombian timing! A big van picked us up for our two hours trip to Avenida de las Palmas.
The way to the plantation was funny and potholes in the street made us jump and helped us to wake up! Fatimah didn’t drive with us because she doesn’t like us anymore. That is also the reason why I need to write this blog today – just kidding. Fatimah, Miss Colombia 2015, was in Medellin to visit a friend. But we replaced her with a friend of Divi. Actually I called him Fatimah a couple of times…

Around 10 am we arrived on the coffee plantation. There we recognized that it’s much warmer than in Bogotá which made us smile. First welcome we got from a huge black dog jumping on Sri (see pic below). Our guide came a couple of minutes later. He showed us a really nice garden and gave us some time to do pictures of trees, coffee plants and some nice flowers. The tour took around 90 minutes. We learnt who coffee plants look like, how many beans you need to pick on a daily basis, how to roast coffee beans and how puppies look likeJ During the tour we also made many pictures with us and a red vintage car. This is now the facebook profile picture of many of us.

At the end of the tour our guide made some really nice and fresh coffee to us incl. coffee liqueur tasting. We also had the possibility to buy some souvenirs like coffee and bracelets. Maybe because of the liqueur people got crazy and bought around 50 bracelets.

The way back home to Bogotá took 2 ½ boring hours. There was no A/C and everybody was hungry because we didn’t had lunch so far. We arrived in B-City at 2 pm and went to the center to a really good burger place. This was an excellent place for nine of us. But I think the 3 vegetarians still love us.

After late lunch Steffen and René went back to the hotel and the group of 10 went for sight sighing and shopping. I am not sure who spend the most of the money but statistically it’s Divi J
At night the glorious eight Gek, Sabrina, Gerda, Georg, Daniel, Steffen, Michal and René went to the rooftop bar Centrico. This place ( is in the 41th floor of a sky scraper and it is bloody awesome. It was difficult to come in but René had extreme got connections and he wore the same shirt like the waiters!

In Centrico we first had dinner together with a couple of cocktails. At 10:30 pm the restaurant turned into a club and the awesome eight started to dance. At SAP we learnt that connections are really important! So we decided to connect to EVERYONE in the club and to make this night unforgettable. Below you can find some funny pictures of this night. By the way the club is now renamed into “Bogotá Orchids”.

Later everybody took a taxi from the street (@Liza: ha ha) and we went back to the hotel.

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