Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Day 2 - Planning & Exploring Day

I might have forgotten to mention yesterday that our host clients provided us with a taxi cab to pick us up in the morning and also to drop us off in the evening. So after a quick breakfast, our cab driver arrives at 8:30am to take us to the office. By the way, Divya and Rene are not exactly morning people so this is a bit early for them, but I think by the end of this assignment, I would convert them to morning people… We’ll see…

We arrived a bit earlier than 9am, so we had to wait a few minutes to be let into the building. Hmm, I think we just didn’t press the buzzer hard enough!

Yay! We got in :-)

Our SAP Mentor, Ulf, and the Pyrexa team (Amy, Maia and Liza) also arrived at the SOLE office about the same time to observe our meetings and interactions with our clients and how the project was progressing.. (Thanks guys!). I hope we impressed them with our conversations and progress

Pretty cool..huh?

Upon their departure, the team really got into the swing of things and the questions started flying in all directions and of course, from 1 answer more questions come up… Wait, did we just do a SOLE session?

Brainstorming - hard at work!
Tatiana (SOLE team member) brought us some snack to try. A fruit that we, of course, haven't tried called Granadilla. Colombia has such huge variety of fruits! 

Rene eating Granadilla

After our morning session with Sanjay, we were left alone to brainstorm and start planning how, where and what direction we want to go with this project and how we can really maximize our time with SOLE and present the best possible results! From the Analyst (Fatimah) to the Developer (Divya) to the Project Manager (Rene) there was a lot of head scratching, head shaking and lots and lots of conversations… off to a good start, right? At this point, the natives (me especially) were getting restless, so we had to break for lunch.. Here comes the hard part.. where do we go for lunch? We walked around in the neighborhood around the office and found a cafeteria with a lunch buffet for a pretty good price, but unfortunately not enough choices to choose from so we all ordered the vegetarian meal. Divya is convinced she is going to make us all vegetarians by the end of the trip.

Divya is Captain for the day and taking a selfie

At the end of the work day, we came back to the hotel and got ready for our Tuesday group round up for updates on all projects, discuss challenges, risks and how we can help one another with our projects..

Session finished at 8pm and we all went to dinner at Crepes and Waffles (my 3rd time in 4 days!), of course I can't complain as everything is so good here..We finally said goodbye to Amy and Maia (Pyxera Global Project Managers) who are returning back to Washington DC.

With that, I will sign off for the day... another long day but very productive..

Buenas Noches...

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