Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Day 11 and 12

2 Crazy daysss!

16 Oct 2015 (Friday)

Smartie Fati

The day began with an amazing interview with the explorers.
Explorers in SOLE Colombia are the trainers who train the ambassadors of each SOLE location,
Basically the train the trainer concept.

We were fortunate to speak to Laura, Sara, Pedro and Christian who had experiences from the Caribbean and the Pacific Coast areas of Colombia.
With the Explorers
The excitement we saw in them was palpable and contagious about the discovery of SOLE by the ambassadors and participants alike.
An explorer from Caribbean Coast mentioned " Everyday is an adventure, Experience to really get to know people. Beautiful people in Colombia - everyday. Each SOLE is different. Children were too perfect in towns. Rural area - very naughty children. People love SOLE because they can express themselves" 

What they also provided was the insight about the local communities from these regions and about Colombia. All in all a thoroughly knowledgeable session for all the SAP team listening to them,

We were pushed outta the conference room by the SOLE Colombia staff only because they wanted to plan a Surprise cake for Sanjay (MD Of SOLE Colombia) - it was his birthday! :D

Ice Cream makes world happier! 
After a yummy cake followed a yummier lunch at an amazing Italian restaurant (wonder how to find these places.. SAP team hardly seems to find them on their own) 

While Fati headed out to Medellin to meet her friend, me and Rene returned to the hotel. 
The team decided to go the Andino for some shopping. Me and Gek shopped like crazy at 70% sale :D

 The sad part of the day was that Gerda's iPhone was stolen at a Crepes & Waffles outlet near La Candaleria.. All the paperwork had taken so much time and Gerda, Srikanth were quite exhausted.
Still not exhausted enough to say thank you to the helpful policeman

15 Oct 2015 (Thursday)

Liza - Captain of the Day
 SOLE has been bustling today.. More kits to be packed and we are scuttling around the two rooms..
We also had a new captain for the day, Liza our ever cheery local consultant from Pyxera was here to meet SOLE.

The thursday of canvassing.. Armed with the additional knowledge about business canvas.. We were ready to discuss the canvas with sanjay.. The most simple thing was to fill up the 3 column venn chart with names - partners, customers and competitors

Yummy Khous Khous
Since SOLE had many partners who overlapped as customers too.. This exercise was good to differentiate the as is and the future plans.

I think we have been eating out and sampling a lot since we have arrived in Bogota.. Today we finally decided to try the restaurant opposite to our favorite sandwich place - el barrio..

The place was a Peruvian restaurant with some awesome food.. Divi's khous khous looked delicious :) 

Rene and his Antics

The mid afternoon was again dedicated to more data crunching and analysis.

Today evening was planned by the Social Sabbatical team as the Cook together day!
The supermarket shopping was done by a few of us and Rene's room was decided unanimously as the party hangout 😄

Daniel was the chopping expert and Gek was the expert for Stir Fry!
Divi, Srikanth with their Indian food and rest working great to make the salad and suppliments  😄

After we were hale and hearty.. A bunch of the people decided to go for a party with the entire PSF team 😎
The setup seemed like a real college hangout :) 
Oh.. Watta day! 😄😄😄 watta lovely day! :) 





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