Thursday, October 8, 2015

Day 3 - Brainstorming Day

Pardon the tardiness.. Yesterday was hectic, I couldn’t stay awake past 10pm to write a blog.. but here’s a summary of how the day was.

First of all, Rene, our Gym addict didn’t got to the gym in morning. SHOCKING! He makes us all look bad..

It was a good day! The 1st half of the day was dedicated to Facebook and Youtubing…. I am not implying that we were not working .. Ahem !! Actually the real reason is we were trying to increase traffic on the SOLE facebook page. We sent e-mails and invited our friends to go on the SOLE FB page to like their page and also wrote an e-mail comment to the SAP FB page to promote SOLE. Half a day was dedicated to Social Media and working with Sebastian (The social media, online marketing guru). We started the day with 961 likes and by the end of the day we have over 1000 likes!

Then of course it was time for lunch, we decided we wanted to have Indian food for dinner so we walked around looking for the restaurant. After walking for about 20mins, we got there only to find that is was closed for the whole WEEK!  Then we walked to an Italian restaurant and the wait was for over 30mins. What do we do??  We had to quickly find something as we were due in the office for our brainstorming session with the whole SOLE Team. So we settle for a little lunch place. food was so so.

The 2nd half was also very productive. We had a brainstorming session with the SOLE team (Felipe, Sanjay, Juan Pablo – AKA Dumpa and Sebastian). Where do we go from here? How do we get there? Who do we work with? What have we learned so far? Like I said, pretty good session.  Very informative and so much enthusiasm from everyone… I love it and can’t wait for tomorrow!

Ok, to be honest, Rene was busy playing with the dog (Arac) in the office while the rest of us worked really hard!

At the end of the day we went to the mall to look for gym outfits but no success so we went to dinner instead. Really cool seafood restaurant called 69. I am still scratching my head at the name. After such a long day, I decided I was going to call it a day and not write a blog. :-)

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